At the heart of our wealth management is the holistic consideration of both your liquid and your other assets. That is the only way we can guarantee customized wealth management that concentrates uncompromisingly on your goals.

Here too, our personal network of experts is the guarantee of the quality of our work: we cultivate long-standing relations with experienced investment professionals and fund managers. Where necessary, we also call in our investment advisory board, which comprises international capital market specialists.

From a broad spectrum of possible investment opportunities, we apply rigorous quality criteria to filter out the ones that are appropriate for you. These might include securities and real estate as much as alternative investments and direct equity investments in businesses.

Our aim is to safeguard and increase your capital.


Many high net worth families want to entrust the management of their collective assets to a trustworthy company that will take account of the interests of everyone involved.

That is precisely what we set up the family office for: by offering professional and objective advice, we can safeguard the future of all your assets for generations to come. With the continuity of a personal advisor for as long as you are our client. This is founded on a holistic analysis that puts the focus firmly on the values and goals of your family.

Through regular reporting and controlling, we offer full transparency at any time and can, if necessary, realign your investment strategy. We would be happy to support you in selecting suitable asset managers and the appropriate investments to ensure the sustainable growth of your assets.


  • Wealth management
  • Alternative investments
  • Direct equity participations
  • Real estate


  • Holistic wealth analysis and strategic wealth advice
  • Advice on the selection of asset managers and investments
  • Complete asset reporting and controlling
  • Estate succession planning
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