Dr. Peter Hellerich – founder of the company

When Dr. Peter Hellerich founded PM Portfolio Management, one of the first bank-independent asset management companies in Germany, in 1967, he caused a furore in the industry. Even then it had been his aim to offer every client individual, tailored advice - and that is how he made the privately owned Portfolio Management a major player in Germany.

That this strategy fitted in perfectly with the expectations of his clients was demonstrated by the strong growth of his business. Soon a 40-strong team had several 100 million marks worth of assets under management. It took on a size that Dr. Hellerich could no longer reconcile with his approach to quality, though, so he sold his shares in the company and spent several years in the USA and in India. At venture capitalists Hambrecht & Quist in Silicon Valley he took advantage of the opportunity to study the venture capital scene.

Back in Germany, he founded IC Investment Congress GmbH in Munich, which organised seminars and conferences for financial investment products. His passion for portfolio management would not let him go, however, and so he soon returned to offering advice for IPOs and venture capital companies, also taking on several advisory mandates for family offices.

The demand for investment advice that is independent, professional and, above all, trustworthy and personal has risen and is still rising constantly. That led Dr. Hellerich to expand his team yet again, and in 1992 he founded HELLERICH GmbH.

He established a network of specialists with international experience in business and financial markets. He is always on the hunt for attractive investment opportunities for his clients, but he also launches funds himself, particularly for the family office sector.

To safeguard his life’s work and meet the challenges of the new age, Dr. Hellerich brought additional capable partners into the business. He handed over management to Sabine Rumpf and Jochen Langhammer, who are also partners in the firm. Together they run HELLERICH GmbH in the style of its founder. Dr. Hellerich himself withdrew from an operational role in 2010 and has been available as a consultant since then.

Dr. Peter Hellerich
Founder of the company

  • More than 40 years in portfolio management
  • Qualified bank clerk
  • Studied economic sciences in Germany and the USA
  • Founded PM Portfolio Management, one of the first bank-independent asset management companies in Germany
  • Founded the international IC Investment Congress
  • Former board member of GAM Global Asset Management
  • Member of various supervisory boards
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